Friday, 20 May 2011

Nigeria: John Togo's camp raided

Niger Delta militant leader 'General' John Togo's camp in the areas around the Tambou and Obubu creeks in Bayelsa State was raided last week by the Joint Task Force (JTF) team in a battle, said to have lasted for no less than five hours. A number of JTF soldiers, as well as considerable numbers of Togo's militants, are said to have been kill killed during the sustained military onslaught.

Togo himself, however, is said to have escaped, although there are other reports which claim that he died during the raid. He remains on the JTF's most-wanted list and, although some reports claimed that Togo has called for a ceasefire and is ready to surrender, the JTF, through its spokesperson Lt Colonel Timothy Antigha, has stated that it is unaware of any alleged surrender.

Togo , who heads the Niger Delta Liberation Force, is the only prominent militant leader who turned down the 2010 amnesty that was offered by the late president Yar'Adua.

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