Saturday, 19 March 2011

Libyan regime is planning to plant dead bodies at strategic sites

Today Menas Associates has heard from our sources in Tripoli that the regime is planning to trick the world into believing that that Allied aerial attacks against strategic targets has led to many civilian deaths.

In recent weeks the bodies of the numerous civilians who have been killed by the regime's forces in and around Tripoli and Zawiya have not been handed back to their relatives. Instead they have been taken away by the regime and have reportedly been stored in morgues.

Foreign minister Musa Kusa has now publicly called on volunteers to go to strategic sites that the Allied aircraft might strike and act as human shields. We have heard from very reliable sources in Tripoli, however, that the real plan is to plant the bodies of the already dead civilians at these sites and then claim that they have been killed by the Allies.

This will be done to discredit the Allies, sow doubt in the Arab street about the air-raids, and bolster support amongst the regime's own supporters.

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