Monday, 28 March 2011

Algeria not helping its friends

Algeria is the one North African regime which the West does not want overthrown. It has stood beside it throughout its 'Dirty War' and is not going to abandon it now. Indeed, the US in particular, but also we believe the UK and France in their lesser ways, have been urging the regime 'to make sufficient changes' to dispel the protests and thus lessen, if not entirely remove, the threat of being overthrown.

For the last three months, however, since such pressures have been becoming more overt, the regime has done absolutely nothing to reassure its friends. “At least it could help its friends,” said one opposition source. Even the US Ambassador David Pearce, in his own diplomatic way, has expressed his exasperation at the apparent stubbornness and arrogance of the regime.

On Thursday 24th March, the Ambassador told a news conference at the US Embassy that “the authorities should open channels of debate with society and listen to its concerns.…. The Algerian people are seeking more freedom and democracy. Reforms will achieve its goals when they are delivered in time and with transparency, sincerity, seriousness and peace." In a clear warning to the regime, he said: “Algeria's interests needs to speed up reforms before it is late.”

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