Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Iraq: Natural gas delivery for Dohuk power station

The Kurdish government announced on its website this month the first delivery of natural gas via pipeline to the Dohuk power station from the gas field at Summail 40km away. The Summail field comes under the Dohuk production-sharing contract signed in September 2013 for supply of gas from the field to the 750MW power plant. It is operated by Norway’s DNO, which has a 40% stake, in partnership with Genel Energy which has a 40% interest. Long-term deliveries are expected to reach 120 million cubic feet a day.

Kurdish natural resources minister Ashti Hawrami welcomed the development, describing the delivery as “the result of win-win coordination and cooperation of the Ministry of Natural Resources staff, local Kurdistan companies and IOCs to deliver natural gas on a fast-track basis to the benefit of ordinary citizens”. He went on, “This important achievement shows that newly discovered gas in Kurdistan can be monetised on a timely basis, and that this is the beginning of creating a gas market in Kurdistan ... to enhance gas deliveries within Kurdistan to the domestic market.”

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