Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Ghana: Supreme Court conducts cross-examination of leading NDC and NPP counsel

Although the previously stated Supreme Court date of electoral judgement (29 August) is still expected to be met, the Court has subsequently cross-examined the leading counsel for both the NDC (Tsatsu Tsikata) and NPP (Philip Addison), as well as President Mahama's counsel (Tony Lithur) and counsel for the beleaguered Electoral Commission (James Quashi-Idun). This round of cross-examination was scheduled by the Court upon receipt of final written submissions from the respective electoral case parties, as described in the last issue of Ghana Politics & Security.
As may be expected, the Court reports indicate that all parties have maintained their final positions presented in their respective final submissions, with no major surprises or indications (as yet) of further delays. Indeed, the major Court event of the week appears to be the contempt judgement noted above for the NPP's general secretary which has no bearing on the major matter at hand.
The Court's conduct will, of course, come under further scrutiny once the result is announced, although the commendation of the Court last week by Ghana's "anti-corruption" organisation the Bureau for Internal Affairs, headed by Mohammed Frimpong, for the respective Justices' "estimable character" adds another voice to those who believe that the Court - despite the extensive length of proceedings in comparison with similar electoral cases elsewhere, including Kenya - has so far demonstrated competence and fairness in its proceedings.
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