Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Minister: "All Mauritanians will be enrolled"

Speaking on 25 July at a hotel in Kaédi (Gorgol wilaya), the centre of civil unrest earlier in the month, the Minister of the Interior and Decentralisation, Mohamed Ould Boilil, said that all eligible Mauritanians would be enrolled on the electoral role. He was in Kaédi to discuss wilaya problems with local officials, including the Wali of Gorgol, Ahmedou Ould Abdallah, following the unrest that hit the town earlier in the month.
During the course of his address, the minister took the opportunity to speak about the elections to be held in October under CENI's supervision. He explained how the ONS was conducting the census under the supervision of CENI and that, of the 1,700,000 Mauritanians of voting age, some 1,600,000 ID cards had already been delivered to the enrolment centres. Ould Boilil went on to explain how the state had provided CENI with all the means to carry out credible and fair elections and to prevent the sort of electoral fraud which characterised the country before 2009.
Editorial Note: The fact that the government has passed a law earlier this month enabling the military to vote in their barracks (Mauritania Politics & Security - 16.07.13) is indicative of how the ballot is likely to be manipulated by the government.
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