Monday, 17 June 2013

Algeria: Creation of military zones along Tunisian border

Algeria is, according to a report in El Khabar, planning to build 20 closed military zones along the Algerian-Tunisian border in an attempt to prevent arms smuggling and terrorist infiltration. The zones will be off-limits for civilians without a permit. Although the report claims that similar moves have been successful in minimising infiltrations and smuggling on the Malian and Libyan borders, evidence on the ground, such as In Amenas, suggests that this success has been exaggerated.
New Algerian-Tunisian security agreements include a military co-operation committee that provides instant exchange of information in order to deal efficiently with cross-border smugglers and infiltrators. This agreement facilitates the tracking of suspects as well as mutually aiding in investigations related to “jihadist” networks.
According to the El Khabar report, the Army leadership began applying a pre-agreed security plan of operational co-ordination with the Tunisian Army three weeks ago. The plan identifies over 80 border points over more than 956km that are suspected of being used for infiltration and smuggling.
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