Tuesday, 8 January 2013

UN Security Council authorises military action in Mali

As reported in Algeria Politics & Security - 21.12.12, theUnited Nations Security Council unanimously adopted Resolution 2085 (2012) under Chapter VII of the UN Charter authorising the deployment of an African-led International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA) “for an initial period of one year”. The resolution enables military action to wrest northern Mali from the control of al-Qa'ida-linked extremists.
As we emphasised, however, the resolution contains a number of critical benchmarks which must be adhered to before military intervention can proceed. These are that there must first be progress on political reconciliation, elections and the training of the African troops and police involved. Equally important is that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon must “confirm in advance the council's satisfaction with the planned military offensive operation”. In effect, this is almost the same as saying that a further resolution must be obtained before actual military intervention can proceed. And, if all those benchmarks are followed, a military operation cannot be expected to begin until September or October 2013.
Algeria is strongly opposed to any such military intervention but the wording of UN Resolution, 2085 (2012) with all its conditionalities, does provide Algeria with the time and backing to try and manage a diplomatic solution to the crisis.
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