Thursday, 25 October 2012

Libya: Khamis Qadhafi killed and Moussa Ibrahim captured

The death of Khamis Qadhafi, who became the former Leader's most hated son after having led the notorious Brigade 32, has been confirmed after a long period of supposition and rumour of his whereabouts. He was located in Bani Walid on 20 October and was transferred to Misrata hospital but declared dead on arrival and DNA tests are now being carried out to prove his identity. Khamis was chiefly concerned with the military establishment and held an important position in state security. There is considerable speculation concerning the treatment he received between his arrest and his arrival in Misrata.
Moussa Ibrahim, who was Colonel Qadhafi infamous minister of information during the revolution, is also reported to have been captured at a checkpoint near Bani Walid on 20 October and to have been transferred to Tripoli. His name is amongst thirty or so Qadhafi loyalists, including Abdurrahman Al-Sid and Muftah Kayiba, rumoured to have been taking sanctuary in Bani Walid. There are, however, many such rumours.
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