Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Nowhere to hide for Qadhafi supporters in Egypt

Qadhafi supporters who fled to Egypt as the revolution in Libya progressed will soon find themselves on an unwanted return journey. The Egyptian ambassador to Libya, Hisham Abdul-Wahab, announced that their exile would soon be over as soon as the last legal technicalities were sorted. The Judicial Co-operation Convention that has been signed between the two countries means that several thousand persons could be affected.

One person who would receive a particularly special welcome, if he should he forced to return, is Ahmed Qadhafaddam who was Qadhafi's cousin and close confidant. He is widely believed that he is currently in command of very large sums of Libyan state money, assuming that he and his confederates have been able to conceal so large a cache. It is believed that he has also been financing the current insurgency campaign by Qadhafi supporters inside Libya. For many years he managed and manipulated Libyan relations with Egypt and he will remain strong for as long as he and others can fund the insurgency and are tolerated by Cairo as non-diplomatic guests.

Meanwhile Abdul-Wahab is attempting, as a priority, to arrange the release of those Egyptians who are being held in Tripoli by the militias and a connection between the two events is not hard to make.

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