Monday, 5 March 2012

Iraq: Shortfall in Kurdish exports

The Oil Ministry announced this month that the KRG is not meeting its export target of 175,000 b/d. The director of Somo, the state oil marketing board, Falah Al-Ameri, told the Iraqi media that the Kurds hadn't been able to export more than 65,000 b/d. He also asserted that despite Norwegian company DNO expecting production to increase in the Tawke field, there was no way the Kurds would be able to meet such a high target.

Baghdad's criticisms are a little rich, given that the central authorities have done almost everything in their powers over the past few years to make the KRG's export of its crude as difficult as possible. The criticisms have been taken as another bid by Baghdad to have a dig at Erbil.

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