Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Ghana: Attorney General's accusations lead to a political storm

Recent allegations by Attorney General Martin Amidu, that there are senior National Democratic Congress (NDC) government appointees who are committing “gargantuan crimes” against Ghanaians, has led to attacks on him from both NDC members and the opposition including the minority Peoples National Convention (PNC). The former demand that Amidu resign following his allegations while the latter demand that he name the guilty individuals. Amidu also complained of allegedly coordinated attacks from the “rented” press ordered by, or in support of key NDC members, in response to his “gargantuan crime” remarks.

The NDC's discomfort at his claim is illustrated by its deputy general secretary Kofi Adam's statement that the allegations could harm the party's election prospects because comments like this “can even cost the party an election, it can reduce and trust that people have in the governance system” and follow similar criticisms from the Deputy Minister of Information. What led to Amidu's allegation is unclear but it appears that they may have been in connection with the Alfred Woyome issue described below. Also perhaps in response to criticisms and negative coverage from newspapers - such as the Daily Post, National Democrat and Ghanaian Lens (which he describes as being in the pockets of the NDC) - which Amidu believes are, at the behest of an unnamed government minister, perhaps unhappy that he is pursuing corrupt or “criminal” party members.

Amidu is no party outsider having served as deputy attorney general under the Rawlings Administration and even being President John Atta Mill's running mate for the 2000 elections. His accusations are therefore re-shining a light on the NDC's internal divisions are his comments are likely to be used by the opposition against the government during this election year.

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