Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Two separate bomb attacks target Iraqi security forces

Two seperate bomb explosions in Iraq have killed at least 15 people and left dozens injured. The first of the attacks occurred at about 08:00 (05:00 GMT) when a car bomb detonated nearby an eatery frequented by security forces near the central city of Hilla, killing at least 13. The second incident transpired when a bomb attached to a military bus inside a base in Habaniya, west of the capital, killed at least two personnel.

In an unrelated attack, gunmen killed two policemen at a Baghdad checkpoint. These latest episodes follow a number of recent attacks on Iraqi security forces. According to Iraq's defence ministry statistics at least 45 police officers and 39 soldiers were killed during August alone.

It is thought that at least two of the victims in the blast near Hilla, 100km south of the capital, were policemen. According to AP news agency, at least four more officers, out of 40 people, were wounded in the attack.

The second bomb which went off as personnel were being transported within the base detonated at about 08:00 local time. Iraqi officials confirmed that those responsible for the checkpoint incident escaped after killing two policemen and injuring a third.

It is estimated that violence in Iraq has dropped significantly since 2006-2007, but isolated acts of violence remain prevalent. This has caused some concern among Iraqis about the security situation in the country especially after the pending withdrawal of US troops in December.

Sources: BBC News, AP, Reuters

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