Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Vietnam: Twelfth National Assembly fires last shot

As its tenure drew to a close with a short meeting this month before dissolution in order to prepare for the May election, the 12th National Assembly took one last pot shot at the government by rejecting the Capital Bill.

The bill had already been discussed by the National Assembly in May 2010 and was rejected at that time with the request that drafters make alterations.

The proposed law would have set Hanoi apart from other provinces by giving it its own migration controls and resident rules, its own zoning rules and guidance, and its own financial policies and priority access to government funds for infrastructure and other investment.

Some delegates thought the law was unconsti¬tutional. Others thought that many of the rules it outlined were valid but ought to cover major urban areas Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, and Hai Phong and not just Hanoi. Of particular concern was the residency registration requirement that would require those not registered in Hanoi to gain official employment and registration before moving there.

Delegates voted 35.9 per cent in favour and 44.83 per cent against the bill. As one delegate put it, "Basically the dishes are still being prepared by the central government. But now it's the decision of the National Assembly on whether to eat or not."

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