Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Petrobras strikes oil in onshore well in Brejo Grande field, Brazil

Petrobras has discovered oil in a Brazilian onshore well, located in the Brejo Grande field. The find, in the 3BRSA849DPSE well, has undergone preliminary assessment, but it is yet to be determined whether the well can be exploited commercially.

The news of the discovery comes shortly after Petrobras' announcement of declining figures for its June and overall production in 2010. In June the average total oil, NGL and natural gas production, including international production totalled at 2,563 thousand boe/d, compared with 2,599 thousand boe/d in the month of May.

Oil and NGL production in Brazil reached 1,978 thousand barrels b/d, 2.1 per cent lower than May production of 2,020 thousand b/d. Petrobras has said that the difference in production output is due to the production-scheduled stoppage in P-43 unit, in the Barracuda field.

Source: Bloomberg BusinessWeek

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